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Coney Family Tree

John C Coney

Generation 1

John C Coney and Barbara Dillon (wife #1)


  • Jacob Coney                               married    Sarah Williams

  • Elizabeth Coney                         married    Austine Reese

  • Delia Coney                                married    General Buckley

  • Unnamed Baby Boy                

  • William Coney, Sr                       married    Ella Magee

  • Early M. Coney                            married    Carrie Turner

  • John L. Coney                             married    Willie H. Scofield

  • Dockey Coney 

  • Myrtis Matthew Coney               married    Mertis  Allen

  • Lennie Blanche Coney               married    George W. Tate

  • James Coney                              married    Leona Taylor

  • Ulysses S. Coney                        married    Lillean {Lillian} E. Hughes


John C. Coney and Jane Hornsby Magee (wife #2)


  • Ardella Coney                             married   Willam Nelson

  • Van Leslie Coney                        married   Laura Moses

  • Lillie Viola Coney                        married   Pervis Conerly


John C Coney and Maggie Burris  (Relationship)

  • Hattie Coney                               married   W. Brumfield

  • Arie Coney                                   H.  Simmons



Generation 2

Delia Coney (daughter of John C & Barbara) was born 1874 in Magnolia, MS.  She married General Buckley in Pike, Co., MS, son of Burney Buckley.

  • Wilson Buckley


William Coney, Sr. (son of John & Barbara Dillon) was born 05 February 1876 in Magnolia, MS, died 16 September 1956 in Magnolia, MS. He married Ella Magee abt. 1898, daughter of Jesse Magee and Jane Hornsby.  


  • Seth Coney

  • Leslie Coney

  • Alice Coney

  • Rosa Coney

  • Ethel Coney

  • Jessie Coney

  • Minnie Coney

  • William Jerome Coney

  • John Otis Coney

  • Willa Coney


Early M Coney (son of John & Barbara)  was born Feb 2, 1877 in Pike Co., MS and died Nov 1974 in Pike Co., MS  He married Dedie Magee Dillon.  He married Carrie E. Turner 16 Sept 1913 in Magnolia, MS.


  • Clytiel Coney

  • John Flowers Coney

  • Napoleon Coney

  • Voncil Coney

  • Dudley Coney

  • Caldwell Coney

  • Joel Coney

John L. Coney, Jr. (son of John and Barbara) was born 02 March 1882 in Magnolia, MS.


  • Almo Coney

  • Variace Coney

  • Sister Coney


Myrtis Matthew Coney (son of John & Barbara) was born Feb 1888 in Magnolia, MS.  He married Mertis Allen, 11 Feb 1911 in Magnolia, MS daughter of Green Allen and Lula Simmons.  He married Emma McNabb December 1923 in Pike Co., MS

Children of Myrtis and Mertis:


  • Albert Coney

  • Lonnie Coney

  • Allen Leroy

  • Alma Coney


Lennie Blanche Coney (daughter of John and Barbara) was born Feb 1889 in Magnolia, MS.  She married George Willie Tate July 6, 1914.  


  • Nolan Tate

  • Elwin Tate

  • Maude Tate

  • Amelia Oleo Tate

  • Thelma Tate


James Coney (son of John & Barbara) was born April 1890 in Magnolia, MS.  He married Leona Taylor January 30 1913 in Pike Co., MS


  • Melvin Coney

  • Q.D. Coney

  • Luther Caldwell Coney

  • Theola Coney

  • William T. Coney

  • Eddie Eugene Coney


Ulysses S Coney (son of John & Barbara) was born April 3, 1892 in Magnolia, MS and died November 6, 1988 in Flint, MI.  He married Lilean Edna Hughes on October 2, 1915, daughter of George Hughes and Daisy Webber Hughes.  She was born December 15, 1896 in New Orleans, LA and died March 31, 1952.


  • Robert T. Coney

  • Nola Mae Coney

  • Ruby L. Coney

  • Evonne E. Coney

  • Helen Coney

  • Ulysses Coney, Jr.

  • Alfred L Coney


Van Leslie Coney (son of John & Jane) was born November 1897 in Magnolia, MS and died in Chicago, IL.  He married Laura Moses March 24, 1923 in Pike Co., MS.


  • Vivian Coney

  • Lamar Coney

  • Ardella Coney

  • Van Leslie Coney, Jr.


Lillie Viola Coney (daughter of John & Jane) was born 29 January 1900 in Pike Co, MS and died March 10, 1975 in Flint, MI.  She married Purvis A. Conerly, Sr. September 1, 1920 son of Moses Conerly and Eliza McNabb.  he was born April 13, 1896 and died January 12, 1966 in Flint, MI.


  • Eva Mae Conerly

  • Frank W. Conerly

  • Mary Conerly

  • Mildred Conerly

  • Morris Conerly

  • Purvis Conerly, Jr.

  • Linnie Conerly

  • Moses Conerly, II

  • Alice Lorraine Conerly

  • Doris Conerly


Arie (Garner) Burris Coney (daughter of John C and Maggie) was born abt. 1888  in Magnolia, MS.  She had children by Herbert Simmons, Francis Downs and Gray.  She married Joe Reynolds April 30, 1929.

Children of Arie & Herbert:

  • Hattie Simmons

  • Jack Simmons

  • John Simmons (Burris)


Children of Arie & Francis:

  • Norma Downs

  • Ernest Downs

  • Leroy Gray


Hattie Coney was born 1889 in Pike Co., MS.  She married William Brumfield.


  • Lillian Brumfield


Respectfully submitted by:  Alice Coney Player

according to the information provided by family members,, Family Treemaker, and research in archives since 1999! 


Please contact at:  or Alice Player on FACEBOOK!

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